Peach slices (thick & firm)(2-3 fruits)
Mozzarella Cheese slices (pre sliced pak)
Prosciutto Crudo slices (6 oz pak)
Basil Leaves (sliced ribbons)
Dashes of Garden Lemon Citrus
Sheets of Seaweed (no added flavor) (halved)



  • Lay the cold peach slices (approx 12) on a flat plate
  • Sprinkle dashes of Garden Lemon Citrus on each slice
  • Top each peach slice w/ Mozzarella Cheese sliced similar size
  • Top each Mozzarella w/ Basil Leave ribbons
  • Wrap a piece of Prosciutto Crudo around the Peach & Mozzarella combo
  • Now wrap a half sheet of seaweed around the whole Prosciutto/Peach/Cheese combo
  • Fasten the seaweed with a cocktail toothpick & serve asap (while seaweed is crunchy)
  • Delicious with raw zucchini or celery sticks or most crudité