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Pickled Apple Wedges

Ingredients: 2 Granny Smith apples 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup water 1 Tbsp Hot & Spicy Molasses 1 Tbsp Garden Herbs & Ginger Preparation: Cut green apples into wedges (6 per apple, finger food size). Put all pickling ingredients In a glass container w/ lid and stir well. Then add the apple wedges […]

Chicken with Rice

Ingredients: 1 whole chicken cut up 1 Tbsp Deep Roasted Garlic 1/2 tsp Kung Pao Garlic 1 Tbsp Garden Herbs & Ginger 1/2 cup of oil 2 cans of chicken broth 2 cups of uncooked rice 4 stalks of celery (sliced) 2 carrots (chopped) 1 large onion (chopped) 1 lb of mushrooms (rough sliced) Handful […]