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Ingredients: Peach slices (thick & firm)(2-3 fruits) Mozzarella Cheese slices (pre sliced pak) Prosciutto Crudo slices (6 oz pak) Basil Leaves (sliced ribbons) Dashes of Garden Lemon Citrus Sheets of Seaweed (no added flavor) (halved)   Preparation: Lay the cold peach slices (approx 12) on a flat plate Sprinkle dashes of Garden Lemon Citrus on […]


Ingredients: Kiwi chunks Honey Dew Melon chunks Avocado chunks Green Grapes (large Globes) Persian or English Cucumber slices (thick) Lime slices (thick) Asparagus spears (raw) Greek Yogurt plain (half cup) Garden Lemon Citrus (half teaspoon) Preparation: Skewer all of the above ingredients Serve the skewers on a bed of raw asparagus spears Dip with plain […]


Ingredients: 4 whole pita bread rounds (toasted) 1 10 0z container of hummus (traditional) 2 cups plain greek yogurt 1 Tbsp Garden Lemon Citrus 1 Persian cucumber (shredded) 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1 can of sliced olives (drained) 1/4 cup feta cheese Preparation: Set out the pita breads on baking sheet & warm them in […]

French Mushroom Toasts

Ingredients: 4 thick slices of French Bread (toasted) 1 basket of white mushrooms (rough chop) 1 basket of brown mushrooms (rough chop) 1 pack of oyster mushrooms (rough chop) 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp butter 2 tsp Garden Lemon Citrus 1 tsp Deep Roasted Garlic Black Truffle Cheese (for sprinkling) Preparation: Heat oil & […]

Match Stix Fusion Salad

Ingredients: 1 Asian apple pear 1 mango 6 radishes 12 pieces of snow peas 3 stalks of celery 1 carrot 1 basket of young pea sprouts 1/2 cup of sparkling apple cider 1 lemon (juiced) 1 Tbsp of Hot Spicy Molasses 1/4 tsp of Wasabi Habanero 1/4 tsp of Garden Lemon Citrus Preparation: Cut items […]